The attraction of investments as an engine that generates employment and economic development.

The attraction of investments is an aspect of what is known as “territorial marketing”, which was born in the USA in the 1960s, came to Europe in the mid-1970s, and in Spain began in the 1990s in a very incipient way. The Instituto de Fomento, which in part was born to manage the largest industrial investment that was made in Spain at that time as was the implementation of General Electric Plastics, founded its investment department in mid-2001, being today the oldest Investment Promotion Agency -IPA- in Spain, even more than the national agency -Invest in Spain- that was created quite a while later.

Today, almost all CCAAs in Spain and regions around the world have an IPA within their administration, which is responsible for selling the benefits of their territory, and managing the needs of investing companies, to a greater or lesser extent.

In these 16 years, the Instituto de Fomento has worked on 762 investment projects that make up a portfolio of more than €24,000 million, with one of the highest confirmation rates of all IPAs: 19.2%. In other words, 150 of them have settled, giving work to 8,000 people with an investment in the Region of almost €9,000 million.

How we attract investment projects.

Above all, with plans to attract proactive investments with a very focused and identified target in companies that may have an investment project, and for which a location in the Region is attractive. Presentations, development of investment proposals, presence in networks as well as in outstanding fairs, teamwork with already established investors or with lead generation campaigns are some of the formulas used to identify investment projects.

Due to the good performance of the regional economy, local companies are also undertaking important expansion and re-investment projects, so much of the employment generation is coming from our own economy.

Once the project has been identified, the services are made to measure, since one project is never the same as another, with some common denominator: commercial action developing proposals to confirm the investment, advice on financing and helplines, search for the best location for the project, help with administrative procedures.

Currently, the three main reasons why Invest in Murcia has one of the highest rates of project confirmation are the following:

Speed in the confirmation of investment proposals: in less than a week a company can have on the table a proposal from the Region of Murcia for its investment project.
A powerful search service for alternative locations. Having the 68 industrial parks X-rayed to the maximum, all the information of available offices, as well as commercial premises facilitates the decisions to the investing company and allows us to give rapidity in the service.

These three points are really different from the rest and in most cases those that tip the balance in favor of the Region. Undoubtedly, the commitment to the creation of the UNAI has been a dynamic and clearly differentiating element of the rest of CCAAs, which is achieving important milestones in accelerating the implementation of numerous investment projects. In its two years of existence alone it has managed 46 investment projects, involving the creation of 2,000 jobs and an investment of more than €700 million.

More dynamic sectors

The agri-food sector, in its entire value chain that ranges from solutions for agriculture, agricultural technology, to the processing of pre-prepared and pre-prepared convenience food is one where more investment, both foreign and local, is produced. Symborg, Fruveco, G’s, García Aranda, Golosinas Fini, Fruverpack and the multinational PepsiCo are just a few examples.

Secondly, we would highlight the logistics sector. Some of the biggest investments in recent months come from this sector, with the new Primafrío facilities currently under construction, the Golosinas Vidal logistics plant or the Lidl platform.

The tourism sector has also played a leading role in some important operations, being one of the ones with the best prospects in the medium term. The entry of the Chilean group Empresas Phoenix, the Mallorcan Roc Hotels or even groups.

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